Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just beginning to add questions and answers here. I will update more as frequent questions come in. Also, check out the Development Roadmap to see what is being worked on.

The 'central point' for players is 'My Dashboard'.

This page has a summary of all the leagues you are in and league relevant information. For example: 1) The next race and your entry for it. 2) Your standings in the league. 3) Any unread messages.

Each league is like a micro-site within the overall Driver Group Game site and organized in the same way as the image below shows.

If you are in multiple leagues, the layout is the same for each. Again, just think of each league as its own micro-site. Each league has the league name on each page within the league, so you know which one you are in.

You can find your Player ID displayed on the "My Dashboard" page at the top next to the greeting.

User ID at the top of My Dashboard

It is also displayed in any leagues you are in (except the Official DGG Leagues)

  1. Click through your league navigation to 'About » Players'.
  2. Scroll to the section labeled 'The Whole Crew'
  3. On your player card is your User ID.
User ID displayed on your Player Card