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1 - Critical Priority (Time Sensitive):

  • Description: Use this for urgent issues that need immediate attention. This includes problems that prevent you from accessing or playing the game, time-sensitive concerns related to upcoming races, or issues that significantly impact your gameplay experience.
  • Response Time: Critical priority emails are at the top of the queue and will receive the fastest response.
  • Example Use: You're unable to access your account on the day of a race, or there's an error on your entry form that needs correction before a race deadline.

2 - Medium Priority:

  • Description: Select this level for issues that are important but not urgent. Medium priority is suitable for problems that affect your gameplay experience but do not require immediate resolution.
  • Response Time: These emails will be prioritized and addressed in a timely manner, but after critical issues.
  • Example Use: You've encountered a bug that's affecting your game, but it’s not preventing you from playing, or you have a question about scoring that needs clarification soon.

3 - Low Priority:

  • Description: Choose this option for general inquiries or feedback that do not require immediate action. Low priority emails are often non-urgent and can include user experience feedback, or general questions about the game.
  • Response Time: Please allow a longer response time for low priority emails, as they will be addressed after more urgent matters are resolved.
  • Example Use: You have a question about game rules that isn't time-sensitive.

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