Frequently Asked Question Videos

I am making short videos that show just about everything that you might come upon and need help with since my time for support is very limited.


Understanding the simple change for the 7 races that NASCAR will qualify at in 2021.

Options for Qualifying in Leagues (04:27)

Options for Qualifying in Leagues (image)

'How-to' for Players

Common questions that players have about playing Driver Group Game.

Forgot Password (00:47)

Dashboard Overview (01:37)

Checking-in to your league (01:01)

Joining a league (01:10)

Email, Password, Team Name, Avatar, Quit League (00:38)

'How-to' for Commissioners

Common questions that Commissioners have about managing their league in Driver Group Game.

Create Public League (00:45)

Dashboard Overview (01:20)

Edit League Information (00:58)

Edit Driver Groups and Starts (01:31)