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If the server was slow/not responding when making last minute team changes. Do contact me with your intended lineup and league (in the first contact) so I can make the change for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. If you can't run with the team from the previous week carry-over, send me your league(s) and your 8 driver lineup for each, noting who are your starters and I will enter for you.
Please look in your Junk/Spam folder. Subject: Reset Driver Group Game Password. Sender:
Confirmed you have not received the email?
1) Check 'My question is not answered in the FAQs'
2) Enter 'Unable to Reset Password' as the Subject
3) You'll get to the front of the line
The League Commissioner can change the league icon in their Commissioner > Info section.
It's the password you set last season for your league. You can find it in your Commissioner > Info section.
Login and in the sidebar navigation under MY ACCOUNT is Profile. Click that and scroll down past all the other interesting stuff you probably didn't realize was there and you see the Update Avatar section.
Yes. Go to your Profile, scroll down to 'My Leagues' and click the red 'Quit League' button. The DGG League is a league all it's own. Everyone is placed in it by default. That entry is where you compete against everyone playing the game. You don't have to though, it's up to you. Every league has its own entry. A link to each league is in your side navigation as well as your Account Dashboard.
On your Profile page there is a list of the leagues you are in and a red 'Quit League' button.
Yes. The Commissioner can delete their league in the Commissioner > Info section.
No. It's around $20-$25,000 a year to get that data feed.
No. That just opens a 'can of worms' with too many possibilities for failure. Foremost, ideally, not all leagues you are in will have the same Driver Groups. Another 'worm' is if you change a line-up on some league one week and throw your driver availability off on one or more leagues. Then, filling them all from one would put in a driver not available. It's not that hard. Click on the drivers in your entry for each league. It's a game. Play it.
Go to Join League in the side navigation. Find the league you left and join it again. Or, ask the League Commissioner to 'Restore' you to their league in their Commissioner > Player Management section.
If you recall last year my server was blocked from about all email services within two days by having a 'Send Invite' feature. Commissioner have all their previous players email address shown in your Commissioner section under Player Management. Use your personal email to send them your league ID so the can log in / register, go to 'Join League' and enter your League ID in the search, find you and join.
Go to Commissioner > Player Management and look at the column labeled 'Claimed', It has either 'yes' or 'no' next to each player. If they have joined here on the new site, it will say 'yes'. Also, your Commissioner > Dashboard shows you the number of Active Players (the 'yes' column players) and Inactive Players (the 'no' column players).