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Open for the 2020 NASCAR Season!

For 18 years Yahoo! freely gave NASCAR fans one of the greatest fantasy NASCAR games in history.

Fantasy Auto Racing was Iconic

Its game play is simple - yet placing well week-in-and-week-out is surprisingly hard! For many of us during the 'magical time' of the early internet, it brought NASCAR fans from across the country together. It was the start of new friendships and race weekend meet-ups that still happen today.

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It's Still Racing at Full Speed!

Our 3rd Year. 21st of the Game

In December of 2017, Yahoo ended its fantasy NASCAR game offering. In quick response, Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheet did a rapid re-coding of the game and over 11,000 players joined in to our inaugural season of the Driver Group Game.

A bumpy ride at first until the 'tire pressures came up' to normal. At the end of the season, my first year being the Commissioner of the game, it really settled in the amazing privilege and honor that it is to carry the torch for the fan base.

It Was A Success

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for starting the Driver Group Game! We are a group with some from California the others from Texas. You kept us together. We have been playing together for well over 10 years and we love it! Without you starting this we would have lost each other.

Louise I. (2018 Driver Group Game player)

You've done an awesome job putting this altogether. Kudos for some fine work!

Mike V. (2018 Driver Group Game player)

You have done an amazing job setting up this web site! I love all the extra info offered. You've taken a great thing and improved on it. Thank you so much for saving fantasy NASCAR as we know and love it!

Fred J. (2018 Driver Group Game player)

So, how do we follow such a start?

By Thinking Outside the 'My Team' Box

For almost 20 years the perspective has been that of "...entering my team into one, two or three leagues."

Works fine when you start playing on race #1 and simply want to play the game in a league or two for the full 36-races. But, have you ever been the guy (or gal) that starts playing a game after the first race has run?

What's the use, right?

And, what about the players that want to have a playoff or elimination-style league? Commissioners have had to spend a lot of time posting scores or deleting players to try to make it all work.

There is a way to make this all work a lot easier.

An Entry For Every League

No longer do you take your ENTRY and join 1, 2 or 3 leagues.

Now, join a LEAGUE - as many as you want - and have a unique entry in that league.

But, Why An Entry For Every League?

It's really just a small shift in thinking, but has a profound effect on the possibilities for creative leagues within the scoring parameters of the regular game.

Giving league commissioners the ability to adjust their league with 'superpowers', it makes that league entry not included in the overall Score Leaderboard. That league entry might not even use the same drivers.

Let's look at some of the ways a Commissioner can now fine-tune their league.


All the scoring parameters used in the game: Lucky Dog, Qualifying (1st - 5th), Lap, Stage (1st - 10th) and Race Finish points are customizable.


Which drivers are in which group is up to you. Adjust the number of starts per driver too. Create tiers between A, B and C as you desire


Select which races your league uses. Now, it's simple to do a Playoff, Late Starters, Summer or Short Track Only league!

League Access

You can set the league access for your league to public where all can join, or private and require a password.

League Information

Your league name, description and password are editable. Plus, a built in WYSIWYG editor to share messages in your league.

Player Management

Full player management to remove or restore players to your league. Player email information for commissioner only contact.

Imagine The Possibilities!

Just thinking about some of the creative options this lets you create is pretty exciting. First of all, you won't have to register another player to play a Playoff League like many players enjoy.

Here are 3 simple ones to consider.

Track Type Leagues

A Short Track Only League? Superspeedway? Mile-an-a-half? Southern tracks? West Coast Tracks? The possibilities are very cool.

Short Season Leagues

Create leagues that run shortened season or by segments. Accommodate late starting players with leagues that start after the season begins.

Balanced Group League

Don't like our choice of A, B, C drivers? Change it! Serpentine draft? Do it! Balanced driver groups or slightly tiered? Whatever you decide.

I Don't Want Any of These D#@% Rule Changes!

Can't we just play it the way we always have?


All Leagues Start With the Default Rules

You can still create your own public or private league and play by the standard rules. Just don't tweak any of the settings in your league. No worries if you do though, it's easy to reset your league back to the default setup.

Played in and/or Commissioned a League Last Season?

If all has gone correctly, when you login you will find your leagues waiting for you all dusted, vacuumed and shined up.

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